5 BEST Kure Beach Restaurants to Try (Recommendations from a Local)

Being a small town on Pleasure Island, there aren’t many Kure Beach restaurants to try. Most of them actually sit within a two-minute walk from one another and less than a five-minute walk away from the Kure Beach pier.

Still there are a few very memorable restaurants that, even if you aren’t staying in Kure Beach, it’s worth venturing out to these few Kure Beach restaurants. Let’s dig in to a few of our favorites!

The Best Kure Beach Restaurants


best kure beach restaurants

I’m starting this list of the best Kure Beach restaurants with Freddies! Freddies in Kure Beach is one of Wilmington’s most classic spots to eat. We always plan for a night here when we are in town. It is loved by locals and is open year-round (a rarity when talking about Wilmington beaches).

Freddies is a small, intimate Italian restaurant with just a few tables. You’ll want a reservation here, even on weekdays in the summer. If you score a reservation, you’re in store for one of the best pork chops you’ve ever had in your life!

Freddies is well known for its pork chop and plentiful pork chop toppings, but there are many other things to get here. Their Seafood Portabella, Italian Gumbo, and Chicken Marsala won’t disappoint you.

Jack Mackerel’s

best kure beach restaurants

You can’t miss Jack Mackerel’s when you visit Kure Beach. Situated steps away from the Kure Beach boardwalk, Jack Mackerel’s offers Caribbean-style seafood in a colorful setting.

Their tuna teriyaki burger is a unique item on their menu that has people traveling from all over the island to try it. Their catfish and grits and blackened salmon are also two fan favorites.

Pair your meal with a cold draft beer from one of the best Wilmington breweries – Good Hops! Jack Mackerels has plenty of outdoor seating so you can enjoy the ocean breeze while dining. There’s also a second-floor deck so you can watch all the action on Kure Beach.

Beach House Burgers

best kure beach restaurants

If you are looking for speedy, easy, and cheap, look no further than Beach House Burgers! Located within walking distance of the pier, you can grab a burger, fries, and drink for under $10. Just look for the brightly colored pink and green building – you cannot miss it!

Take it back with you to your beach chairs if you wish (make sure to clean up after yourself and don’t litter on the beach). It’s certainly not the best restaurant in Kure Beach, but it will keep you from going hungry if you didn’t bring any snacks to the beach.

Big Daddy’s

best kure beach restaurants

Big Daddy’s is right across the street from Jack Mackerel’s. They have plenty of outdoor seating, a lively space to sit on weekend nights in the summer.

Big Daddy’s Fantasy Island Patio and Tiki Bar is one of the best places in Kure Beach to enjoy a cocktail with an appetizer. On weekends you can expect live music reasonably into the night! After Fish & Chips and Crab Legs, venture out on the Kure Beach pier and watch the fisherman hook a catch at night!

Big Daddy’s has plenty of space and is one of the best places on the island to host a large party for celebrations!

Hang Ten Grill

Hang Ten Grill - best kure beach restaurants

Hang Ten Grill is one of the most laid-back Carolina Beach restaurants you can find! It’s about a 10-minute drive away from Kure Beach. If you are driving from Kure Beach to Carolina Beach, you can’t miss it on your left-hand side.

It’s a great spot to stop for lunch or dinner after you are done enjoying all the best things to do in Carolina Beach. Come wearing your beach attire if you haven’t had a chance to change at your Carolina Beach pad yet; it’s that kind of place. The atmosphere is fun and friendly, with a wide selection of menu items.

You can’t go wrong here, from seafood to burgers (or seafood burgers)! Hang Ten has quite a space and can easily hold more prominent groups. We often come here with the family for a delicious shrimp burger and fried okra! It’s a great option if you have tried all the Kure Beach options and want to venture around Pleasure Island.

Want More?

indochine in wilmington
Indochine in Wilmington

We know there aren’t many Kure Beach restaurants! But not to worry, there are plenty of restaurants in nearby Wilmington and Carolina Beach. A few of our favorite places are in Downtown Wilmington! Make sure to check out:

  • Indochine
  • Savorez
  • Dram Yard

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