25 BEST Things To Do In Carolina Beach

Carolina Beach is a fantastic place to travel to year-round. Every time we visit, we find there are so many things to do in Carolina Beach that it’s pretty easy to fill up every day of your vacation. Plus if you’re looking for more, the city of Wilmington is just a short drive away nearby!

Some of the best things to do in Carolina Beach include walking the boardwalk, hiking in Carolina Beach State Park, or having a delicious donut at the famous Britts Donut shop. Between relaxing at Carolina Beach and enjoying fresh oysters, it’s hard to get bored here.

We absolutely love traveling to Carolina Beach. Going to college in Wilmington and having family living on Pleasure Island, we make our way back to the North Carolina coast every year and enjoy all the amazing things to do in Carolina Beach. Whatever you decide to do on your vacation, you’ll find fun for the entire family at Carolina Beach. Let’s dig into a few of our favorite attractions, and hopefully make your planning a bit easier!

The Best Things to Do in Carolina Beach, NC!

Go Fishing!

Taking the boat out at Carolina Beach

So you’re wondering what to do in Carolina Beach, NC? For many who come to the coastal town, they have one thing on their mind – fishing. There are many ways you can go fishing in the Carolina Beach area. However, before you start, make sure you have a fishing license to do so legally.

fishing at Carolina Beach
Fishing with family

There are two exceptions to a fishing license: if you’re fishing from a pier that charges a fee to fish or on a charter fishing boat (both carry special commercial licenses that cover you). Here are some of the best ways to go fishing at Carolina Beach:

  • Surf Fishing from the beach.
  • Shore fish in Snow’s Cut and from Carolina Beach State Park.
  • Deep Sea fish with a charter boat from Carolina Beach or Wrightsville Beach.
  • Cast a line off of Carolina Beach, Kure Beach, or Johnny Mercer Pier.
  • Take your own boat, of course!
Book a Fishing Charter!

Disc Golf in Carolina Beach

Disc Golf in Carolina Beach
Cameron Playing Disc Golf in Carolina Beach

Disc Golf is one of the great Carolina Beach activities to enjoy! The Wilmington area has four disc golf courses, and they’re all free to use. All you need is a disc, which you can pick up for $10 at several shops around the area.

You can find them at Outdoor Provisions, surf shops (CB surf), Dicks Sporting Goods, or you could offer a cheap set off Amazon.

Here are four disc golf courses around Carolina Beach and Wilmington:

  • Good Hops Brewing, Carolina Beach: This is the most straightforward course with all of the holes at par 3. It’s also on the brewery’s property so you can legally pick up a craft beer inside and play while drinking. AWESOME!
  • Joe Eakes Park, Kure Beach: This is my favorite course because it’s a full 18 holes and has a few challenging holes. What makes it the best for me is it’s all in a coastal forest with sand fairways. The weather is reliable with plenty of water close by, but it also gets windy! Heading here is easily one of the best things to do in Kure Beach.
  • Arrowhead Park: 18 hole par three disc golf course. There are plenty of hills that make for fun elevation changes and it’s in a beautiful little park.
  • North Regional Park, Castle Hayne: This course is on the PDGA, and it’s the best course in the area. It has 18 holes and many challenging par 4 and 5 holes. It’s prone to mud when there is fresh rain, but it’s terrific on a chilly day.

Kayak Around Zeke’s Island

Cameron Seagle
Cameron kayaking at Zeke’s Island

One of Cameron’s favorite things to do in Carolina Beach is to kayak around Zeke’s Island. Zeke’s Island is an NC Coastal Reserve only accessible by shallow water boats.

Once there, you can enjoy the peace and quiet of the coastal marshlands. It’s an excellent opportunity to see all the biodiversity of the Wilmington area. Bird species such as black-bellied plovers, short-billed dowitchers, dunlin, white ibis, and great blue herons are spotted here.

Cameron kayaking at Zeke’s Island

There is a boat ramp at Federal Point – adjacent to the Zeke’s Island site to launch from, making entering the water exceptionally easy.

I would recommend taking a cooler and some chairs for relaxation once there. However, I wouldn’t recommend crossing the old Civil War wall leading to the island. Cameron once got caught out there during high tide, and it wasn’t a good day – his sister hopped away with 26 stitches in her knee from oyster shells.

Visit the Fort Fisher Aquarium

Fort Fisher Aquarium

The North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher is a place where kids and adults alike can visit and learn about marine life. It’s one of our favorite things to do in Carolina Beach.

Unlike some mega aquariums around the United States, the Fort Fisher Aquarium is a fundamental research center and not a cash cow. The N.C. Aquarium at Fort Fisher is a member of the 230 accredited members of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums.

They have several exhibits and shows open every day of the year, so no matter what day you visit, you’ll be sure to have a good time. It’s here that you can also meet the rare albino alligator named Luna and a rescued bald eagle named Maverick. They also have a fabulous butterfly garden in the Spring and Summer, that is well worth the extra fee!

Have a Night Out at the Beach Bars!

Tiki Bar & Grill
Sunset at the Tiki Bar & Grill

One of the best things to do in Carolina Beach is head to the beach bars. While there are beach bars at both Carolina Beach and Kure Beach, my absolute favorite place to enjoy the beach nightlife is at Carolina Beach. During the summer, a vivacious crowd can be found at the numerous bars around the island.

The beach bars at Carolina Beach feel much more “beachy” to me than at Wrightsville, where the college crowd hangs out. Kure Beach is also lovely, but it is much quieter than Carolina. We’re Carolina Beach regulars, so our favorite bars are in Carolina Beach.

  • Fat Pelican: This doesn’t only make our list of favorite bars in Wilmington, but the world. It’s eclectic, packed with character, and just crusty enough to make it the perfect dive bar. We love the crowd as there is no age limit here (21+ mind you) and you’ll find every walk of life.
  • Crush & Grind: We love the atmosphere here as its all about craft beer and wine in a modern atmosphere. The owner also makes some fantastic coffee in the morning hours – try out the cold brew!
  • Tiki Bar & Grill: On a beautiful day it’s impossible to beat sitting on the remains of a pier and enjoying a cold drink. The only negative for us is the price with $5+ beer cans and $12 cocktails.
  • SeaWitch: Live music on the weekends and awesome tiki bar feel. They have a large open courtyard and often draw a crowd in the summer.
  • The Last Resort: This little bar sits right on Carolina Beach Ave, and you can’t miss it!
  • Nollies Taco Joint: There probably isn’t a better bar food than tacos.

Hunt for a Venus Flytrap at Carolina Beach State Park

Heading to this North Carolina state park is one of the best things to do in Carolina Beach. Carolina Beach State Park is one of my favorite places in Carolina Beach to watch the sunset every day. We spent a month here in 2018 and 2021 and spent almost every evening in the park. Besides sunsets, it also provides an excellent platform to shore fish from and launch your boat into the Cape Fear River.

Besides that, we like to come here and enjoy a hike through the woods beneath the fantastic trees. The area is excellent for trail running as there are tons of sandy trails to enjoy. Sugarloaf Dune is also a point of interest worth checking out as it offers fantastic views over the Cape Fear River.

Carolina Beach State Park
Walking at Carolina Beach State Park

Oh, yea and Carolina Beach is also home to the Venus flytrap! That’s right; it is home to one of the most famous carnivorous plants in the world and one of the only places you can find it in the wild.

If you’re lucky and you are looking, you might be able to spot one from the trail, but please don’t tromp through precious vegetation to see one. It’s always best to stick to the trails. Heading to this park is easily one of the best things to do in North Carolina!

Learn to Surf

The North Carolina coast has prime surfing conditions. It draws a considerable surf crowd and is a fantastic place to learn to surf. You can either rent your own surfboard and head out on your own or get a lesson, which I highly recommend.

The ocean here is no joke and can get quite dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing or aren’t comfortable in the water. Tony Silvagni has rentals, lessons, and even surf camps for those that are new to the sport.

Walk Along the Carolina Beach Boardwalk

Carolina Beach Boardwalk
Walking the Carolina Beach Boardwalk

If you are looking for a fun thing to do in Carolina Beach for the whole family, head to the Carolina Beach Boardwalk, which is one of the top Carolina Beach tourist attractions. Whether you want to cruise the boardwalk and take a stroll or enjoy the rides in the summer, one thing is for certain – the Carolina Beach Boardwalk is where the activities are. It’s even been named one of the best boardwalks in America!

It used to be a little rundown, but the whole area has seen tremendous revitalization in recent years. There are some new bars and restaurants to enjoy right on the boardwalk that look out to the sea. You’re never too far away from the beach here!

Walk the Kure Beach Pier

 Kure Beach Pier
On the Kure Beach Pier

Kure Beach is just a 10-minute drive past Carolina Beach, and if you’re visiting Carolina Beach, you need to make the fun drive down Fort Fisher Blvd and enjoy Kure Beach for the day. I often find it quieter than Carolina Beach in general, and is more relaxing place for those after peace and quiet at the beach.

The Kure Beach Pier is fun to walk day and night. At almost all times, you’ll find plenty of people fishing off the pier. It is also one of the best places to go pier fishing. If you don’t have your own rod and fishing gear set up, you can easily rent one at the indoor facilities before you walk out on the pier. This year fishers are having great luck catching Spanish mackerel, bluefish, and whiting from the pier!

Fort Fisher State Historic Site and Museum

Fort Fisher State Historic Site and Museum

Carolina Beach and the Wilmington area have lots of history and played essential parts throughout many wars. The largest land-sea battle of the Civil War was held at Fort Fisher.

Now, you can see this historic battle site at the Fort Fisher State Museum near Kure Beach.

Catch a Baseball Game

legion stadium wilmington

It’s an unlikely Carolina Beach attraction, though a memorable one if your schedule aligns with a game. While the Carolinas have no Major League Baseball team, there is still a collegiate summer baseball league.

The Wilmington Sharks play at Legion Stadium during the summer; it’s only a 20 minute or so drive from Carolina Beach and makes for a great evening out. Thirsty Thursdays are the best time to watch. $1 draft beers – come thirsty and with a designated driver!

Take a Boat to Masonboro Island

masonboro island
Enjoying Sunset on Masonboro Island

One of my favorite things to do in Carolina Beach is go to Masonboro Island. Masonboro Island is state-protected land, and the entire island is undeveloped. It’s certainly one of the best beaches around Wilmington and one of those Carolina Beach attractions you can’t miss. It’s a lovely area and one of the last places you can truly experience an untouched coast.

Believe it or not, but the mouth of the Cape Fear River and Wilmington is one of the most biodiverse spots in the continental United States – and highest on the East Coast!

Most people won’t venture out to Masonboro Island simply because you have to have a boat, kayak, or canoe to reach the island. It’s not accessible by land, and if you bring a boat, you’ll have to time the tides right to ensure you don’t get run aground.

Eat a Britts Donut

britts donut

Everyone, and I mean everyone who lives in Wilmington, raves about Britt’s Donuts in Carolina Beach. Now I’ve never really been much of a donut fanatic, but I can confirm that Britt’s Donuts are delicious.

Britt’s has perfected the glazed donut, and besides coffee and milk, it is the only thing they sell. Come in the summertime, and you’ll likely be waiting in line to try one of these bad boys. Eating a donut here is one of the best things to do in Carolina Beach, but don’t expect to pay with a credit card here – this place is old school!

If you feel like mixing it up; head to Wake N’ Bake Donuts for some fantastic original creations.

Play Beach Volleyball at The Lazy Pirate

things to do in carolina beach

At the Lazy Pirate Island Sports Grille, you can enjoy a pickup game of beach volleyball in between beer and snacks. They have multiple court setups that are the perfect thing to do in Carolina Beach on a sunny day. If you’re in Carolina Beach for longer, you can always join one of their leagues, but they also have free play and pick-up games!

Sea Legs Pedal Tour

Natasha Alden Lost in the Carolinas

You’ve likely heard of a Pedal Pub tour. A beer tour you can go on with your friends while you pedal around a city. Well, in Carolina Beach, they take these tours to a whole other level and get beer lovers out on the water with a Sea Legs Pedal Tour.

You pedal at your own pace while drinking, chatting, and taking in the views of Carolina Beach. Trips last 90 minutes and are captained. If you can time your visit for a Thursday night, there is a fun Fireworks Cruise that lasts 2 hours. Tours start at $36 per person, and you can bring your own booze!

Rent a Beach Cruiser

Biking On Carolina Beach
Biking On Carolina Beach

There is just something iconic about riding a comfortable beach cruiser on the beach. A fun thing to do in Carolina Beach for the day is rent a bike and cruise around the island. There’s also a great bike path on Old Dow Road, which will connect you from Carolina Beach State Park to the Carolina Beach Boardwalk.

If you want to rent a bike at Carolina Beach, check out Pleasure Island Rentals. They are reasonably priced, starting at $15 per day. It’s important to note these bikes are not for the sand. For that, you will need to rent fat bike.

Day Trip to Southport

things to do in southport
Strolling Downtown Southport

Southport is a charming small town in Southeastern North Carolina located where the Cape Fear River meets the Atlantic. This seaside town was once deemed “America’s Happiest Seaside Town” and is full of cute restaurants and boutique shopping opportunities.

It’s also where plenty of movies have been filmed when they are trying to depict that “small-town southern life” (think I Know What You Did Last Summer and A Walk to Remember). Make sure to stop at Provision Company for lunch as they serve up some of the best seafood in the area!

Southport is a fun spot to head when looking for something a little different out of your beach vacation. You can drive here, but the ferry from Fort Fisher is the best way to access Southport. Check NCDOT for ferry schedules and ticket prices.

Slurp Down Fresh Oysters

Are you an oyster fan? Well, you’re in one of the best places to slurp down on them in Carolina Beach. Seriously this is one of those Carolina Beach things to do.

Shuckin’ Shack is an oyster institution and one of the best restaurants in Carolina Beach. It’s right on the main strip, and you can’t miss it as there is usually a line of people out the door in the summer!

Beach Yoga with Salty Dog Yoga

Don’t think that just because you’re on vacation, you have to give up things like yoga. Salty Dog Yoga is right in Carolina Beach and offers daily classes at their studio. That’s not the best part, though!

Almost every day, they head to the beach for beach yoga and even host some amazing workshops and retreats at the beach. You’ll have to check their schedule for times that work for you.

Have a Beer at Good Hops Brewery

Good Hops Brewery at Carolina Beach

One of the best ways to spend a lovely Spring, Summer, or Autumn day with family is at Good Hops Brewery. Good Hops is a neighborhood craft brewery right in Carolina Beach, and is one of the best things to do on the island.

They have indoor and outdoor seating, plenty of craft brews, AND, as mentioned before, a small disc golf course. They are dog-friendly and provide the perfect setting for a cold one with friends.

Enjoy the Beach!

things to do in carolina beach

Obviously, one of the best things to do in Carolina Beach is to enjoy the beach, as it’s one of the best in North Carolina! There are miles and miles of coastline just waiting to be explored. My favorite time to head to the beach is in September, after Labor Day, when the crowds die down, but the water is still warm.

Please always pick up after yourself while at the beach. Every morning, the locals pick up all the trash left by tourists. It’s very heartbreaking to see people disregard someone’s home and the environment. Also – remember that cigarette butts are one of the most harmful things to the coast. They don’t disintegrate. Read more about how to be a sustainable traveler.

(If you’re in Kure Beach, the best thing to do in Kure Beach is also head to the beach!)

Enjoy a Carolina Beach Festival

Arrange your trip to coincide with some of the renowned festivals and annual festivities at Carolina Beach. Carolina Beach boasts a lively festival calendar that truly shines, including standout events such as the popular Carolina Beach Music Festival, showcasing nationally acclaimed beach bands. Other notable festivals at Carolina Beach include:

Where is Carolina Beach?

things to do in carolina beach

Carolina Beach is a small town in southeast North Carolina. It’s part of the greater Wilmington Metro area, but Carolina Beach is separate from Wilmington despite what many think. The separation point begins when visitors cross onto the “island” via Snows Cut Bridge.

Carolina Beach is a NC island between the Cape Fear River on the west and the Atlantic Ocean on the east. Carolina Beach is a popular place to visit, especially in the summer when Americans from all over the country come to have some fun in the sun.

The area of Fort Fisher, which is just past Carolina Beach played a significant role in the Civil War, when Fort Fisher kept North Carolina’s port of Wilmington open to blockade runners supplying necessary goods to Confederate armies.

Things to do in Carolina Beach Map

Where To Stay in Carolina Beach?

where to stay in carolina beach

Best Restaurants In Carolina Beach

  • Freddies: Okay, Freddies is actually a restaurant in Kure Beach but it is my favorite place to eat in the whole area. It’s a small and intimate setting so reservations are highly recommended as it stays busy throughout the year with both locals and tourists. They are well known for their delicious pork chops.
  • Hang Ten: If you are after some easy/budget friendly bar food, head to Hang Ten. This is one of the best places to eat in Carolina Beach. Try their famous Shrimp Burger!
  • Michael’s Seafood Restaurant: There’s a line here every night in the summer, but that’s because you’ll find the best seafood on the island right here.
  • Wake N Bake: Another donut institution on Carolina Beach. Wake N Bake has a plethora of donut flavors and actually pretty decent coffee too! The earlier in the morning you get here, the better as once they are out of flavors they are finished for the day.

How To Get To Carolina Beach, North Carolina

If you are flying to North Carolina, you will be pleased to know that Wilmington has its own airport/ The Wilmington International Airport (ILM) is a small airport near Wrightsboro that services multiple flights a day.

Most flights from around the country are connected via Charlotte Douglas, but some are from Atlanta and Dallas.

ILM is probably the easiest airport to navigate through as it is small and quiet. If you can get a flight here, then do it. Often it doesn’t cost much more than flying into Charlotte or Raleigh.

If you are driving to North Carolina, you’ll likely find yourself on Interstate 40, which starts (or ends) in Wilmington. Carolina Beach is about 2.5 hours away from Raleigh, 3.5 hours from Charleston, 4 hours from Charlotte, and 1.5 hours to Myrtle Beach.

Transportation in Carolina Beach, NC

Natasha Alden - Carolina Beach

There is not much in terms of public transport in the Wilmington area, as with the rest of the United States. The best way to get around Wilmington as a whole is with your rental car. Rental cars can easily be picked up at ILM. If you have never rented a car before, make sure to check out our rental car tips to save time and money.

That being said, once you are on Carolina Beach, the area is pretty accessible by bike, walking, or golf cart. If you are staying somewhere central like the Courtyard, you’ll have prime access to the beach, the bars, and all the restaurants.

However, if you want to venture to Kure Beach or Fort Fisher a car will do you well unless you want to bike the road or have a fantastic golf cart rental. It’s best to have your own vehicle for traveling to places like Southport and Oak Island as well.

Carolina Beach, NC Weather

An evening at Carolina Beach State Park

Wondering what the Carolina Beach weather will be like? You might expect me to say that the best time to visit Carolina Beach is during the summer months, but this is my least favorite time to be here.

The summer months between Memorial Day and Labor Day are by far the busiest in Wilmington, but that doesn’t make them the best. During these months, the temperatures are often over 90°F with high humidity.

In my opinion, the best time to visit Wilmington is during the shoulder season when it’s sunny and warm enough to enjoy the beach, but not humid and hot enough that all you want to do is sit in front of the air conditioner.

Natasha and Cameron - Lost in the Carolinas copy
Cameron and I in Carolina Beach in May

Those months are late April, May, September, and October. Traveling during the shoulder months will also be cheaper than traveling during the high season and will have a more local feel.

If you can come during any of those shoulder months and still wondering when the Wilmington weather might be best, then bet on September and October. The temperatures will be super comfortable, and the ocean will be much warmer than springtime.

The only downside to planning a trip during September? Hurricane season is always a bit of a threat to the Carolina coast. A hurricane is expected to hit Coastal North Carolina every 3-4 years. The last major hurricane was Hurricane Florence in 2018, so the Carolinas may unfortunately be due for another soon, though there is absolutely no way of knowing ahead of time.


Plan For Your Trip to the South!

  • Get Around: We suggest renting a car for traveling the Carolinas. Check Prices on RentalCars.com
  • Our Favorite Travel Shoes: Our answer to this question is always Allbirds.
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